The Cutaway PBY Deficiency List

This is a list of items missing and work that remains to finish this great restoration. If you have and are willing to donate any of the missing items, or can help in any other way, please contact Jim Mooney at

  1. Mattresses, slip covers, Navy blanket, small pillow, pillow slip for each bunk. One mattress was donated and has an accession number.
  2. Float Lights. One Mk IV Aircraft Float Light, Accession #1997.125.056, was found in FP216. Seventeen replicas of the wood body part may be in the making in another shop. When these are returned to the Restoration Shop, the metal fins and nose pieces need to be fabricated and attached. After they are stenciled, they should be placed in the racks on the aft face of Bulkhead #7.
  3. Mk 7 Drift Sight installation. Provide for stowage in standoff brackets under Nav Confidential lockbox. Fabricate two mounting brackets, each equipped with three rubber wheeled rollers. One bracket is to be attached to the side of the hull aft of beltframe #3.66; the other bracket is mounted near aft end of th Nav Table. Install Drift sight in these brackets.
  4. Earphones, Microphones and microphone clips are needed for the 9 work stations. A few may be in place.
  5. Install .30 cal Browning machine gun in bow turret. This gun was removed from FP216, Accession Number 1997.125.002.
  6. Fabricate tail compartment machine gun mount and install .30 Cal machine gun on it.
  7. Install .50 and .30 cal machine gun cans (magazines) in racks and on all guns.
  8. Install sights on machine guns.
  9. Install ejected link and casing containers on all machine guns.
  10. Install remaining fire extinguishers.
  11. Cockpit cushions?
  12. Radar/IFF and communications equipment cabling needs to be reinstalled. When interconnecting cables for radio, radar and IFF were removed for refurbishing most were not marked for what they should be connected to or where they came from. Some were cut into shorter pieces to make them quicker and easier to be removed.
  13. Gunner Safety Belts (Bow and Tunnel) need to be fabricated and installed.
  14. Fabricate bookcase for papers and books on top of Special Radio Equipment Rack. Done
  15. Radioman's Desk. Install radio equipment per PBY-5A guide. Don't forget Radioman's clock panel; fabricate and install panel for Radioman's Clock and radio receiving equipment antenna jacks. Radioman's Telegraph Key.
  16. Aileron and Yoke Lock. Done
  17. Batteries below Radioman's Seat. Finished?
  18. Buoy Hook wound with 100' of 1 Manila rope. Done
  19. Two lengths of Manila rope 1-1/2 X 150' each. Stow in tool box in Engineer's compartment.
  20. Spotlight Stowage. Case mounts on hull stringers below aft end of Nav Table. Stenciling missing.
  21. Aldis Lamp Case should be mounted on hull forward of pilot's floorboard. Not found. Lamp should be placed on catwalk between pilots and plugged into power outlet. Light is adrift in anchor locker.
  22. First Aid Kit Mounts on forward face of bulkhead #6. Not sure about location for retaining strap location .
  23. Astro Compass Installation for aft face of Bulkhead #6 for use on either side. Astro Compass has not been put into bracket on aft end of Nav Table.
  24. Navigator's watches (2) should be placed in watch drawer in Nav table with provision to prevent loss. There is one watch in a small box in a large grey box in a locker near the door behind the machine shop.
  25. Anticipating that the Turret 30 cal machine gun will be mounted in the turret in a ready position, The Mk. 2-B Pelorus and its mounting bracket should be stowed on the starboard side of the turret. (The E&M makes no mention as to whether it should be in a pocket or under a strap)
  26. Attach Tunnel Mk 2-B Pelorus driftsight to its cast aluminum bracket and stow on starboard side of the hull by means of the strap that should be provided there. It should be connected to a safety chain to prevent it being lost overboard when the tunnel hatch is open.
  27. Fabricate Pelorus mounting brackets for each upper corner of windshield. Pockets also needed for Pelorus stowage on forward face of bulkhead #2. Port side cockpit Azimuth Ring is missing. There is a new Azimuth Ring in the cabinet next to the machine shop. It should be mounted to the bracket and it and the Mk 2-B Drift sight stowed in the canvas pocket on bulkhead #2 behind the pilot's seat.
  28. Fabricate Mk 1 Very Pistol Adapter Sleeve to be mounted on hull in Waist Hatch. See drawing in PBY-5A parts book. After Adapter is in place install Very Pistol in it.
  29. Anchor and Mooring Pendant needs short extension so that pendant will dress properly around fiber blocks on bow.
  30. Check to see if clock was installed in middle left hand side of Flight Engineer's panel.
  31. Fabricate and install Navigator's panel with instruments (airspeed indicator, 8-Day clock, altimeter and electric air thermometer). It should be a copy of the one in the PBY-5 suspended in the Museum.
  32. There is a Dynamotor Type-AD-7 (Painted shiny black) in a cabinet next to Machine Shop which should be mounted on stringers below radio desk in front of Radioman's feet.
  33. There is a Radio Transmitter, Type CBY-52027 (Part of GF-1 Equipment) in a cabinet next to Machine Shop which came out of FP216 but its correct location hasn't been determined.
  34. There is a Type CBY-23098 Extension Control Box (Part of GF-4 Equipment) which came out of FP216. E&M Instruction indicates that this should be attached to the forward edge of the radio shelf. See photo on page 224, PBY-5A E&M.
  35. There is a ASV II voltage control unit painted grey on the floor of cabinet next to Machine Shop that should be mounted on the second shelf of Special Radio Equipment rack.
  36. Place Radar Observer's chair in position at Nav table.
  37. Fabricate a facsimile of the ASV II radar transmitter Type T-3040 and mount it in bottom shelf of Special Radio Equipment rack. Photos with dimensions available. Mounting base is in position.
  38. There was an APN-1 Radio Altimeter sent to the Museum by Doctor Winbolt in England. It was to be refurbished and mounted in FP216. The slot for it appears to be behind the ASV II Voltage Control Unit. On the right hand frame of the Special Radio Rack there is an On/Off switch marked APN-1.
  39. An Auxiliary Power Unit composed of: an Eclipse B 4 hp one cylinder gasoline engine with attached Eclipse NEM or NEP-2 generator, with or without a Romec bilge pump. This bilge pump, if present, operates off the engine's power take off (PTO) and is optional. We would be happy to find any component by itself or a copy of original assembly plans. We will accept these or parts in any condition as long as they are identifiable.
    Note: This and the Lawson engine listed below are the two most visible pieces of missing equipment needed in the completion effort. When visitors look into the Engineer's compartment, they can see the empty mounting rack for the APU assembly and the empty mounting rack for the heater blower/supercharger, along with its disconnected multiple tubing junction fitting.
  40. Lawson 2 hp one cylinder gasoline engine with attached Stewart-Warner Model 782-A Heater Blower/Supercharger for heater system. At any altitude this unit provides a continuous flow of a 15-to-1 ratio air and fuel to all of the heater units which are in place throughout the aircraft. This unit does not have to be operational.
  41. One additional 2# CO2 fire bottle needed on aft face of Bulkhead #5.
  42. Sea Anchors are missing.
  43. Fabricate and mount hook for relief tube.
  44. Rig tether retractors for .50 Cal machine gunners.
  45. Fold May West life jackets and place in canvas pockets.



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