Sedge Ridge Lookout

Washington State Department of Forestry

Sedge Ridge SDF - 4837'
Me entertaining visitors at Sedge Ridge - Circa 1955.

 Sedge Ridge was a creaky old two-story ground cabin that sat atop the ridge directly above the Ahtanum Ranger Station. The firefinder and bunk were upstairs, the cookstove and general storage below. There was no catwalk but all the upstairs windows could be slid open to provide cross-ventilation and clearer viewing.

 Sedge Ridge featured a full panorama of the city of Yakima to the east, the Cascade Mountains, including Mount Adams, to the north and west, and the Yakima Indian Reservation to the south -- with occasional visits by bands of Indian ponies who loved to rub their sides against the corners of the building.  The lookout was gone when I visited the ranger station a few years ago -- possibly "rubbed out" by the sides of those ponies....

Me, on guard.

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