The "Little" Little Bald Mountain Lookout

Winter '96 Storm Damage


 "The Great Pacific Northwest Christmas Day Wind and Ice Storm of '96", the worst in memory of any of the local old-timers, nearly destroyed "Little" Little Bald Lookout.   The cabin was torn loose and flattened on the ground below.  The tower was blown off the bulkhead and rolled down the hill, shedding parts as it went.  At first look, the whole thing looked like a total loss.



 When I looked a little closer, however, I discovered that most of the bits and pieces had survived, thanks to the sturdy cedar I had used for construction, and realized that the model might be salvageable, after all.



 It took a few days of work, some replacement parts - and plenty of Weldbond glue and brass brads - but I got it back together and "Little" Little Bald Lookout is back on duty, guarding our neighborhood from wildfires.